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Herbalist Tips for Healthy Skin

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Updated on March 7, 2022

While clear, dewy skin is often a bit of good luck, long-term health is very much dependent on healthy habits. Herbalists use plants inside and out to nourish the skin, soothe irritation, and help the body with healthy elimination.*

Breakouts can still happen but knowing your triggers can help prevent occasional acne breakouts, skin rashes, dryness, and other forms of irritation. There are many herbal rituals that we lean on to boost lymphatic and digestive system health, and in turn, our body’s largest organ—the skin!* We suggest keeping a food journal to see if you might have a connection between the food you’re eating and skin issues and also taking note of what products are truly right for your unique skin type. Below are a few of our favorite herbal rituals to get you glowing from the inside and out.


Start Your Day with Skin Supportive Teas

Making space in the morning for rituals can be more complicated than it sounds. With the buzz of morning notifications, the rummaging for clean clothes, and the pending workday ahead… it’s easy to forget to fill our own cup first—quite literally. One of the simplest ways you can support yourself is Starting the day off with herbs that were traditionally known as alteratives – gentle tonics that can support the natural eliminative processes of the body, like our Organic Red Clover tea, is an excellent way to prevent stagnation. Also, a little extra love for your liver can help detox the body inside out—especially after a fun weekend with heavy foods. If this sounds like you, we suggest making a habit out of our Organic EveryDay Detox tea, which includes bitter herbs like dandelion and burdock that stimulate the liver and digestive enzymes to encourage healthy elimination.*


User Herbal Facial Steams

Facials are often accompanied by steams to open up the pores for extractions, but did you know that you can infuse them with herbs to soothe and nourish the skin? What’s even better is you can do this yourself, for way less, on the regular, and at home. Steep a few bags of our Organic Chamomile with Lavender tea into a large pot of water, and while hot (but not too hot), place your face over the pot and drape a towel over your head to capture all the goodness of the herbs. Do this for 5-15 minutes, taking breaks for air, and follow up by patting dry with a clean towel and applying a botanical-based serum and moisturizer. Massage the face and neck to drain the lymphatic system and give yourself some extra love.

herbal teas

Use Botanically-Infused Oils

Crafting infused oils at home using dried herbs like calendula, chamomile, lavender, or red clover, is an excellent way to preserve plant medicines and calm irritated skin. Simply order, grow, or mindfully collect the herbs and oils that resonate most with you, and use this recipe to get started. Apply to the whole body with any oil, or use more non-comedogenic oils like hemp, jojoba, or sweet almond oil on the face to prevent further breakouts. The best way to moisturize the face before bed is to apply your moisturizer first, then layer your infused oil on top to trap in moisture for deep hydration overnight.

infused oils

De-stress with Calming Herbs

Sometimes irritated skin and breakouts have more to do with what’s going on inside than out. Periods of emotional stress can trigger breakouts and even rashes. It’s your body’s way of throwing up a red flag, letting us know to slow down and take it easy. When feeling stressed or overwhelmed, we love sipping on our Organic Stress Ease Cinnamon tea. It’s infused with skullcap, a nervine that works to restore optimal nervous system function.*

Stress Ease Tea

Remember, the skin is an expression of what’s going on in the inside. So, approaching it holistically will always get you better results. Sipping on skin-loving herbs, steaming with soothing botanicals, and hydrating with herbal oils will get your skin as luminous as an herbalist’s in no time. 

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