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We Want to Change the World

Our world needs transformation. And it will take serious, structural, and expansive change to face the many systemic and pervasive challenges ahead. Our collective purpose is defined by efforts in key areas we know we can impact — places where Traditional Medicinals can produce meaningful change.

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Protect the Planet

Taking Responsibility to Preserve Earth’s Ecosystems

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Protect The Plants

Supporting the Abundance of Medicinal Herbs

From seed to soul, our business is rooted in plants. It’s a business imperative that we care for the ecosystems where these plants live and thrive, so sustaining is not enough. To continue providing accessible botanical wellness, we need to grow our supply of high-quality herbs. But everything is interconnected: we must support both the places where these plants thrive, and the people that care for them.

Always in search of opportunities to reduce or eliminate emissions at the source, we support organic and regenerative farming practices as well as voluntary certifications like Organic and FairWild. These ensure the absence of pesticides, herbicides, as well as the ongoing sustainability of wild collection, and the health and livelihoods of the collectors who forage.

Tapping into the deep human-plant relationship connects us to a world of well-being

Nurture Interconnection

Growing Relationships between Nature and Humanity

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Make Products with Integrity

Creating Products with the Highest Ethical Standards

At the heart of our purpose is an obligation to source herbs and create products that meet our high quality and ethical standards. Our integrity as a business is built upon our ability to be transparent with our customers about our quality standards and procedures.

Our team considers many aspects of a given source to achieve our high standards. These range from the plants themselves, to collection methods, to the needs of people and surrounding ecosystems. We work strategically with our partners to plan cultivation and collection far in advance. This planning has fostered long-term partnerships with our suppliers and herb communities, creating opportunities for everyone involved to grow and succeed.

We employ a variety of methods to measure the quality of our products. Some of these processes include testing for identity and purity, aligning with medicinal quality standards, and sourcing products that meet a range of certification standards.

Invest In Communities at the Source

Improving Lives and livelihoods for our Farmers and Collectors

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Equip our People to be Well

Contributing to the Well-Being of Everyone in our Value Chain

We’re building a diverse and inclusive team at Traditional Medicinals through internal leadership buy-in, culture change, policy infrastructure, and the critical work that is needed to support a diverse workforce. We break down barriers so everyone has the opportunity to be their best — at work and in the communities we serve.

We continue to build on our strong culture, providing a 100% full-time living wage to our team. And, in a time that continues to create challenges and hardship for so many, we have prioritized supporting our team to seek care for their health, safety, and physical and mental well-being.

We will continue to build equitable and inclusive relationships, internally and externally. With responsive programs, funding, transparency, and thoughtful discussion, we are able to support and learn from all our stakeholders, including our team, and everyone along our value chain.

Expand Access to Herbal Medicine

Including all Types of Consumers in the Medicinal Herb Journey

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Hold Ourselves Accountable

Bring Transparency to our Goals and Performance

It is easy to wish that a simple project and catchphrase would be enough to show everything that we do. But it isn’t. It’s not simple, and it’s never easy. This is hard work without a clear path. It takes thought, constant collaboration, and a willingness to accept risks and make mistakes to forge a road towards an equitable and regenerative world.

Traditional Medicinals was not founded because it was the easy thing to do. It started with a shared vision to offer the world what wasn’t readily available: accessible herbal wellness, made with ethically sourced herbs. Our co-founders wanted to leave the world better than they found it. That isn’t always easy, and it’s never fast.

We hold ourselves accountable as an organization to our commitments to plants, people, and the planet. They serve as our guideposts and keep us looking to the future and re-imagining what is possible, together.

As we evolve as a company, we continue to prioritize sustainability, ingredient quality, and social and environmental advocacy. With thoughtfully designed purpose, transparency into our value chain, and accountability to third parties, we are working to meaningfully alter the course of many of the systemic and pervasive challenges that lie ahead of us.

How We Make A Difference

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