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Tea Buddy
Tea Buddy
Tea Buddy
Tea Buddy
Tea Buddy
Tea Buddy

Tea Buddy

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Elevate your Tea Thyme

Brew the Perfect Cup!

Brewing your tea properly is as important as drinking it, which is why our herbalists recommend covering your cup while your tea bag steeps in hot water. That’s where the Tea Buddy comes in handy. Not only does it help keep tea hot, but it also helps to make sure that the essential oils in many of the active herbs are captured, helping to safeguard the flavor, aroma and herbal benefits of the teas.

Made from durable, non-staining, microwave- and dishwasher-safe silicone, the Tea Buddy is the perfect gift for any tea lover. In addition to keeping your tea cup hot and full of herbal goodness, its flexible construction allows you to secure the tea bag and string during steeping and to squeeze the bag safely without burning yourself when you’re ready to remove it. It will even hold your used bag until you’re ready to compost it. 

The Tea Buddy adheres to our standards for product safety and fair labor practices. We may get a little obsessive when it comes to details, but to brew well is to be well. Make your steeping count with the help of the Tea Buddy!

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