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Raspberry Leaf Teas

European and Native American women have been reaching for raspberry leaves for centuries to relieve normal menstrual cramps and prepare the womb for childbirth during pregnancy.

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Organic Raspberry Leaf

Most commonly known for its juicy red berries, the leaves of the raspberry bush have traditionally been prepared as an herbal infusion or tincture to support everyday conditions of the female reproductive system.

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Healthy Cycle® Tea

This blend supports a healthy menstrual cycle
Raspberry Leaf Tea. pleasantly milk & tannic. menstrual cram + pregnancy support Introducing our new industrially compostable tea wrapper@

Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry Leaf supports healthy menstruation, tones the uterus, and soothes normal menstrual cramps

Pregnancy® Tea

This blend supports a healthy pregnancy

Learn More About Raspberry Leaf

Red raspberry, more than a summertime fruit.

When enjoyed as a tea, raspberry leaf imparts an earthy flavor similar to black tea due to its tannin-rich phytochemical makeup. This high tannin content is what contributes to raspberry leaf’s benefit as an herbal astringent, which helps to tone and tighten tissue. This action is what makes raspberry leaf the perfect herb to ease normal menstrual and gastrointestinal cramping and toning the uterine tissues for labor.* Traditional herbal practitioners have even used it for the mouth or throat and for relief of loose stool for this very reason. In addition to its impressive astringent properties, raspberry leaf is also considered nutritive and antispasmodic.* Categorized in herbal medicine as a tonic herb, raspberry leaf tea can be enjoyed as an everyday supplement. 

Whether you’re enjoying the delectable red berries or the full-bodied flavor of the leaves, incorporating this powerful herb into your routine can be wonderfully supportive.


Although there are many species of raspberry plants, Rubus idaeus is the most recognized for its medicinal properties within herbalism. It’s said the Greek Olympian Gods could be found collecting the ripe berries around Mount Ida, hence the name Rubus idaeus which means “bramble of Ida” in Latin.

European and Native American women have used these leaves for thousands of years to prepare the womb for childbirth, and some farmers even use it for their lady goats who are expecting. And raspberry leaves aren’t just for women, its been traditionally used as a spasmolytic in cases of diarrhea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Organic Raspberry Leaf tea supports healthy menstruation, tones the uterus, and soothes normal menstrual cramps.

Raspberry leaf is traditionally used throughout pregnancy to help tone the uterus in preparation for childbirth. *Prior to the use of our Organic Raspberry Leaf tea or other herbs during pregnancy, we encourage individuals to consult with their healthcare provider.

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