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A Peek Inside: Our Green Teas

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Green tea (Camellia sinensis) is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, enjoyed for its health benefits for thousands of years. Uplifting yet grounding, green tea is as beloved for its delicately grassy flavor as it is for its power as a pick-me-up. Combining free-radical fighting green tea with the plant power of medicinal herbs, our mildly caffeinated green tea blends uplift mind, body and spirit.*

Get to know the unique benefits of each of our five responsibly-sourced, organic Green Tea blends to incorporate into your daily wellness ritual. Please note that all of our green tea blends are mildly— but not wildly—caffeinated.

The Green Tea Family

Green Tea Matcha: Directly inspired by a traditional style of Japanese green tea called matcha iri genmaicha, we blend crushed sencha and finely powdered matcha —with toasted rice to create a delightfully earthy experience with a comforting, toasted, nutty flavor.

Green Tea Dandelion: Start your day off right with a gentle boost of energy from the green tea, while supporting your liver, healthy digestion and your body’s natural detoxification process with the help of the humble dandelion.* Pleasantly roasted, with mildly tannic notes.

Green Tea Lemongrass: Fans of this tea love it for its light and bright lemony flavor. It’s an easy-drinking tea that can be enjoyed throughout the day, with a gentle energy boost that’s rejuvenating for both body and taste buds!

Green Tea Peppermint: Our famously minty peppermint pairs perfectly with green tea for an energizingly healthy beverage that helps to soothe a knotted belly.* Our peppermint’s high essential oil content is the mark of superb quality – you may even feel it tingling on your tongue. For maximum refreshment, we love to serve this one on ice!

Green Tea Ginger: Spice up your daily tea ritual with the warming digestive benefits of ginger, a staple in Ayurvedic medicine.* With the mildly invigorating effect of green tea, this herbal combo is great before or after a meal. Wonderfully spicy and warming with earthy tannins.

Sourcing for a Better World

Some of our favorite green tea leaves come from Ambootia Estates, our organic, Fair Trade-certified green tea supplier in India, whose farming practices make them an excellent sustainability partner. Their lush gardens nestled in the Himalayan foothills of India are founded on the principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Through organic and biodynamic practices, they are able to capture more carbon than they create during harvesting, processing and shipping. That means, for every ounce of tea we purchase from these responsible farmers, the greater the benefit to the environment. This style of conscious farming not only produces the exquisitely high-quality plant power that we depend on for our teas, it also supports safe and sustainable livelihoods for the workers and families residing on the farms.

Find peace knowing that with every sip of our green teas, you’re not only benefitting your health, but the health and welfare of the planet and all those who helped usher that tea to your cup.

To learn more about our sustainable business practices, check out our most recent Sustainability Report.

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