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Our Best Herbal Teas on Ice

iced herbal teas on table

When the summer heat waves start kicking in, a cold glass of herbal tea can make all the difference! Revitalizing and tasty, iced herbal teas refresh while also infusing a wellspring of vitality into your day. Unlike so many summer drinks, we make our teas with nothing more than certified organic, non-GMO herbs, boiling water and ice cubes to lift you up while cooling you down. We recommend stocking up on a few different teas to give you some variety over the warmer months. Then add in a few of your own fun garnishes, from fresh berries and crisp cucumbers to mint and thyme, and suddenly you have a beautiful and healthy beverage.

How to Brew the Perfect Iced Tea

Start by brewing the tea as you would if you were to serve it hot. Bring a pot of water to a full boil, then steep the tea in a covered pitcher for the time specified on the package, which ranges from 5-15 minutes, depending on the tea. While steeping, it’s important to use a container with a closed top or tea buddy to prevent all the herbal goodness from evaporating and keep it all inside your container. Make sure to dose one tea bag per 8-ounce serving, and remove the tea bags when your tea is ready. If you like to sweeten your teas, we recommend adding honey or maple syrup and stir while the batch is still warm, then cover, refrigerate immediately, and consume in the next few hours. Once cool, serve in a glass over ice cubes and add the garnish of your choice.

Our Favorite Herbal Teas to Ice

Cup of Sunshine®: Made from an African succulent called kanna and the sweet, sun-kissed flavors of honeybush, Cup of Sunshine delights the senses while promoting a good mood.* Put a fresh perspective on a tough day!

Hibiscus: Not only is this tropical flower beautiful, but it is also a great tonic for heart health.* Tart and tangy while mildly fruity, our Hibiscus tea produces a deep red color and full-bodied flavor. Some of us have been known to garnish this with frozen cranberries.

Green Tea Peppermint: Reignite your summer sparkle with the mildly invigorating boost of green tea and the minty refreshment and digestive support of peppermint.* Bring some energy back into your day with a light touch of caffeine!

Stress Ease® Cinnamon: Be known as the easy-going employee with the help of this skullcap-fueled blend of herbs. Sure to relieve stress and promote relaxation*, it puts a new spin on refreshment with its cinnamony twist. We like garnishing it with apple slices.

Rose Hips with Hibiscus: This tea makes the perfect summer cooler with its fruity, tart and tangy berry flavor, and rose hips make the ideal tea for everyday wellness.* Consider brightening it up with a squeeze of lime.

Raspberry Leaf: Known as “a girl’s best friend,” raspberry leaf tones the uterus to support healthy menstruation and help relieve menstrual cramps.* Bright with notes of raspberries and slightly tannic like a black tea, it offers full-bodied flavor for any time of the month, without the caffeine.

Red Clover: This delightful, nourishing and restorative tea works to keep your skin healthy all summer long.* With its gently fruity and sweetly floral notes, don’t be surprised if one sip transports you to the idyllic green meadows where it grows.

Keep it Cool this Summer

Drinking cool beverages is a great way to keep your body temperature down when the thermometer is rising. Consider making a batch for your thermos or a small Mason jar for when you’re on the go, and your daily wellness is only a few sips away. For more summer tea inspirations, see below under “Unearth More Plant Power.”

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