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Give your throat a little love

Our Throat Coat family just got bigger! Try our new throat drops featuring organic ingredients to soothe your throat.


Daily immune support

This surprisingly sweet and citrusy blend features reishi, "the mushroom of immortality," to support the immune system and help keep the body in balance.*


Fire up your immune system

With the immune-boosting properties of elderberry and echinacea in this tea, you can feel safe knowing Mother Nature's got your back.*


Like a breath of fresh air

Tapping into Western Herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine, our unique formula supports your respiratory system with a bittersweet, citrusy twist.*


New herbalist-created products just for you!

Comforting herbal teas, energizing black teas, & soothing lozenges.

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Herbs & The Immune System

An herbalist's guide to understanding and supporting the immune system.

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Herbal Products for Pregnancy & Lactation

Making life a little easier for moms on-the-go.

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Quality Difference

Formulated by herbalists, sourced responsibly by sustainability experts, and tested for quality by scientists.

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About Us

For over 40 years, we’ve been passionate about connecting people to the power of plants.

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Plant Personality Quiz

Are you mostly calm and mellow, but get knots in your stomach when you're worried?

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