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Invest in Communities at the Source

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Invest in Communities at the Source
Updated on September 3, 2022

Improving lives and livelihoods for our farmers and collectors.

Community matters. And since much of the world’s supply of medicinal plants comes from rural communities and marginalized groups, we prioritize the livelihoods of the people that cultivate and collect medicinal herbs. We work hard to ensure that our presence in their communities is equitable and contributes positively to social and environmental impacts.

We further invest in these communities by purchasing herbs that have an ethical, positive impact on people and the planet by meeting fair trade and wildlife-friendly certification standards. These standards are an internationally recognized way to affirm our social and environmental commitment. With rigorous audit systems that help us track ingredients from farm to finished product, validating labor practices and price protections, they are one of the ways we support our valued farmers and collectors, and the lands they live on. These certification organizations play a key role in our sustainability strategy by increasing our accountability to protect the people and environments that supply our herbs.