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Stock Your Summer Apothecary

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Stock Your Summer Apothecary
Updated on June 17, 2021

The smell of night-blooming jasmine, the sticky, moist air before an afternoon storm, the energizing midday sun, these are the quintessential signs of summertime. It’s the boldest of the seasons, bringing the brightest of blooms, lightning bugs, and late-night celebrations.

While the rise in heat enlivens the spirit, it can also bring its own set of challenges, which is why we like to infuse soothing and cooling herbs into our everyday rituals. From seasonal books to restorative beverages, discover how our herbalists stay vibrant throughout the sunniest season.


Herbal Rituals for Summer Health

The summer season is just as much a time for celebration as it is a time for rest and restoration. These rituals will bring you back into your body and give you a sense of renewal after all your fun outdoor adventures.

After-Sun Herbal Skincare

After a long day in the sun, cooling herb-forward lotions and oils are some of our favorite ways to soothe and restore. Simply rub the fleshy inner filet of aloe onto red skin or cool off with an herb-infused body oil. Salves made with fresh green herbs like yarrow and plantain are also a great way to mend minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises collected from a long day of adventure. Another way to soothe the skin is by using our Chamomile tea, once cooled, as a topical compress. Visit our DIY section for Herbal After-Sun Skin Care tips and Cold Herbal Compress recipes. To support your skin from the inside out, sip on some red clover tea which was traditionally used in herbal medicine for skin health.*

Wild Greens & Raw Foods

Mineral-filled wild greens are in abundance this season, and that’s no accident. Greens like dandelion, sorrel, and chicory are abundant in vitamins, minerals and are a bit bitter—a taste which often is associated with a cooling action in traditional medicine. Chop wild greens into salads, pestos, or even morning breakfast bowls. You can also enjoy our Dandelion Leaf & Root tea or Moringa with Spearmint & Sage tea as a base for your green smoothie for fun!

Hydrating Herbal Drinks

With so much running around, liquid intake often falls to the wayside. The best way to beat the heat is by sipping your favorite teas on ice or by just enjoying a glass of water with a touch of salt for added electrolytes. A summertime favorite of ours is whipping up a nice batch of Herbal Lemonade.

summer apothecary

Key Herbs for the Summer Apothecary

Every season has its own energetic qualities and seasonal bounty. Our herbalists lean on cooling, hydrating, and restorative herbs to keep us balanced and energized all season long.

Cooling & Hydrating Herbs

Herbs to balance the heat are essential this time of year. We recommend cooling herbal teas, like peppermint and fennel, along with hydrating and heart-healthy tonics like hibiscus.

Exercise & Energy Support

Has all that running around got you wiped out? Settle down with a cup of turmeric tea to support your body’s response to sore muscles and joints after a day of strenuous exercise.* If you’re looking for more long-term energy support, try adaptogenic herbs—like eleuthero, a star botanical in our Mental Focus tea and Urban Moonshine’s Joy Tonic.*

Nervous Systems Tonics

Stay cool, calm, and collected with the help of herbal nervines. These plants can work both in the moment and over time to support healthy nervous system function. Make your happy hour extra happy with a cup of kanna, chill out with chamomile and lavender before bed, or soothe a nervous stomach with lemon balm tea or tincture.*


Build a Seasonal Library

With more people becoming awakened to the power of plants, there are so many books on the history and inspiring everyday use of herbs that we love. Grab one of these gems before you head out on vacation.

Business of Botanicals by Ann Armbrecht

This book is one of our seasonal favorites that follow herbs through the supply chain, including our own. Ann does an incredible job of sharing the herbal industry’s challenges and outlines opportunities to make the herbal products industry more equitable and sustainable for every stakeholder. It’s a great historical insight into the history of the supplement industry, too. Take this new classic on your summer vacation.

Wild Drinks & Cocktails by Emily Han

If you’re feeling like an herbal spritz—this book is for you! Emily’s premiere cookbook outlines all the ways to enjoy herbs as cocktails and refreshers. Learn how to craft something special from the abundance of the season. It’s a perfect book to keep your tea routine interesting and impress your house guests.

Iwígara: American Indian Ethnobotanical Traditions and Science by Enrique Salmón

Whether you’re headed on a cross country road trip or seeking a mental adventure, this book is for you. Get to know the plants across the United States from the American Indian perspective and tradition. Iwígara reminds us that we’re interconnected to all lifeforms, and each share the same breath. This is a great summertime journey to get to know 80 plants and learn more about their use as food and medicine, ways to identify them, and their traditional stories. Get excited to know new and old plant friends from a place of true kinship.

Farming While Black by Leah Penniman

In the season of indulging in nature’s juiciest and most decadent fruits and flavors, we honor and acknowledge those of past and present that have toiled in the fields and kept alive precious wisdom and traditions to feed generations. We encourage you to dive in as Leah celebrates Afro-Indigenous contributions to agricultural development and explores racial injustices within the food system. This highly inspiring book serves as a manual for African-heritage people who’re ready to reclaim farmland and redesign a new system based in sustainable food systems and food justice.

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