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Herbal Podcasts for the Herb Nerd

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Herbal Podcasts for the Herb Nerd
Updated on April 23, 2024

Whether at home, road tripping, gardening, commuting or lounging at the beach, there’s always time to dive into the world of plant medicine, and herbal podcasts offer a convenient way to learn. Here are some of our herbalists’ favorites.


Herbal Podcasts for Nature Lovers & Natural Health Enthusiasts

Herbs with Rosalee – An herbal podcast with herbalist Rosalee de la Forêt who is passionate about helping people discover the healing power of plants. On this podcast she explores the many ways plants support us in healing – as food, as remedies and in our connection to nature. Each week she focuses on a single seasonal plant and how to empower people to walk away with knowledge of how to work with herbs in their everyday life.

For the Wild – Conversations around the critical ideas of our time. Tune into discussions such as the rediscovery of the wild, healing through nature-based work and ecological renewal & resistance. Many guest speakers include some of today’s brightest visionaries in this crucial work of reimagining a world where humanity can find its way back into the web of nature.

The Plant Path – A look into the world of herbal medicine with perspectives gathered from Western Herbalism, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, alchemy, medical astrology and traditional cultures worldwide. Episodes include insights, skills, and strategies involving holistic herbalism from both a clinical and spiritual perspective.

woman holding flowers

HerbRally – A deep dive into all things herbal with some of the best teachers in the field of plant medicine. Topics include community and clinical herbalism, plant spotlights, wild foods, botany, and health accessibility. You’ll hear class recordings from conferences, narrated plant monographs, books, blog posts, interviews, events, and much more. Start your journey by listening to long-time Traditional Medicinals herbalist David Hoffmann’s episode on Herbs for Elder Issues. We also recommend Guido Masé’s interview on Managing an Integrative Health Protocol.

Herbal Highway – A podcast that covers knowledge of herbal medicine and its application. The Herbal Highway actively supports and promotes Indigenous land rights, protection of sacred sites and the sustainability of the Earth as integral parts of personal, community and global wellness. Episode topics include plant monographs, herbalism in daily life, gardening tips, everyday health, herbalism, body care and more.

Cultivating Place – Conversations on natural history and the human impulse to be in the garden or working with plants. This weekly public radio podcast on how gardening is integral to our natural and cultural literacy is a great one if you are looking for inspiration on starting a garden or getting your hands dirty.

Mountain Rose Radio – A collection of curated lectures from some of our community’s most well-known herbalists. These conversations come from the Mountain Rose event, the Free Herbalism Project. Topics include the use of herbs in everyday life, plant tips, specific health goals and how to use herbs to support them, plant monographs, herbal first-aid, herbal medicine making and more. Dip your toe in with Aromatics, Bitters, and Tonics: A Simple System to Support Well-being.


The Holistic Herbalism Podcast – Conversations around practical herbalism from clinical herbalists Katja Swift and Ryn Midura of the CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism. Episodes range from conversations around herbalism, botanical deep-dives, and Q&A with clinical herbalists.

Medicine Stories – A collection of stories on herbalism, deepening our ancestral connections and reconnecting to the Earth. This podcast takes a spiritual approach that explores the journeys we undertake when coming to know ourselves through herbalists, story keepers and ancestral listeners.

Earth Speak – Conversations on attuning, anchoring and expanding the energetic cycle of awareness that acknowledges the Earth as a living being, and us humans as both nature and spirit. Topics take you into the home, gardens, and lives of earth-inspired creatives and entrepreneurs to talk about art, spirituality & consciousness, herbal baking, permaculture and tending sacred space.

Plant Love Radio – A collection of interviews with some of the most world-renowned herbalists. Conversations include lessons for living more peaceful, balanced and more resilient lives with the support of herbal medicine and plants. Whether you’re a budding herbalist or someone interested in holistically addressing your health goals, this podcast is sure to inspire you. Topics include herbal monographs, approaching health goals with herbs, aromatherapy, making herbal medicine, growing and using more plants in everyday life, safety around using herbs, and plant science. Listen in on Traditional Medicinals herbalist, Guido Masé’s interview on the Benefits of Bitters.

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