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Watermelon Hibiscus Daiquiri

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Frozen Watermelon Hibiscus Daquiri in a glass with Traditional Medicinals organic Hibiscus tea box
Updated on May 01, 2024

Whether you’re looking to support your cardiovascular system or to cool down, a chilled glass of hibiscus tea can help.* Its rich crimson color, and slightly sweet and tangy flavor, is delightful as a simple iced tea, or a punch like the Mexican or Central American Agua de Jamaica which features jamaica tea (Spanish for hibiscus), sugar, and sometimes lime.

Inspired by the Agua de Jamaica, we’ve created this Watermelon Hibiscus Daiquiri for a refreshing warm weather treat! This recipe features our Hibiscus tea which includes blackberry leaf and lemongrass to complement the subtly sweet hibiscus, along with juicy strawberry and watermelon. While it’s called a daiquiri, this recipe can be made with or without the addition of rum.

Watermelon, daiquiris in glasses, and Hibiscus Tea box on table

Watermelon Hibiscus Daiquiri

Cool off with this herbal daiquiri made with strawberries, watermelon, and hibiscus tea.

Serving Size: 2.0
Total Time: 15 mins



  1. Boil the water and pour over tea bags. Let sit covered in a glass jar until cooled.
  2. Squeeze out any excess tea, and discard the tea bags.
  3. To a blender, add fresh watermelon, frozen strawberries, hibiscus tea, lime juice, and rum if desired. Blend until smooth.
  4. Pour into two glasses and garnish with lime slices.

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