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Make Products with Integrity

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Make Products with Integrity
Updated on April 19, 2023


We create herbal wellness products that help grow the functional knowledge of herbs. At the heart of our purpose is an obligation to source herbs and create products that meet our high quality and ethical standards. Our integrity as a business is built upon our ability to be transparent with our customers about our quality standards and procedures. 

Our sourcing team considers many aspects of a given source to achieve our high standards. These range from the plants themselves, to collection methods, and the needs of people and surrounding ecosystems. We work strategically with our partners to plan cultivation and collection far in advance. This planning has fostered long-term partnerships with our suppliers and herb communities, creating opportunities for everyone involved to grow and succeed.

We employ a variety of methods to measure the quality of our products. Some of these processes include testing for identity and purity, aligning with medicinal quality standards, and sourcing products that meet a range of certification standards.

Quality Standards and Methods

Our team at Traditional Medicinals is full of “plant people” who draw from plant wisdom—whether they are botanists, chemists, or other plant scientists. They inspire others with their deep knowledge of plants down to the microscopic level and their tremendous expertise in the sensory and physical characteristics of medicinal plants, botany, chemistry, and microbiology.

The role of quality at Traditional Medicinals lies at the intersection of plant wisdom and service to people and planet. We employ quality systems and testing that are designed to ensure efficacy and safety. This, coupled with the formulation of products based on scientific evidence and traditional knowledge, yields the quality products our customers love and rely upon in their daily lives. Without quality, product formulation is just a great idea without any substance. Conversely, quality without evidence-based formulation is just testing without true integration of purpose.

The first step in ensuring the quality of our herbs is to source them from farmers and collectors who align with our values of producing medicinal-grade, organic, and sustainable plants in an ethical way. This is accomplished through partnership and relationship building over many years to construct our current supplier network. While we deeply trust our partners and producers, we verify all our herbs through testing. Under US regulations, all of our ingredients, components, and finished products are tested for quality, identity, strength, purity, and composition. We also consult with knowledgeable herbalists for appropriate dosing and proper instructions for brewing.

Certifications Ensuring Quality

We seek out products that meet a variety of certification standards to support our transparency and accountability to our mission, customers, growers, collectors, and our planet.

Our quality team works diligently to make sure our products meet label claims and environmental standards through collaboration with our procurement, legal, and regulatory teams. This work helps us protect the plants, the people that grow them, and the planet through the accurate display of the standards we support including organic, FairWild®, Rainforest Alliance®, and Fair Trade.

Our dedication to quality directly supports the team of people that help produce our sustainable medicinal herbal products from growers, collectors, and producers through all the working departments of Traditional Medicinals and out to the consumer. By making these botanical medicines available, we are honoring and sustaining the traditional knowledge and origins of the plants.

This work supports our vision of a healthy planet sustained by a vital relationship between plants and humans.