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Bite Your Way to Better Health

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Bite Your Way to Better Health
Updated on June 9, 2023

As Seen on GMA… 

On June 6, Good Morning America featured Traditional Medicinals teas on the segment, "Bite Your Way to Better Health", focused on natural plant-based remedies. Registered Dietitian Maya Feller recommended our Nettle Leaf, Breathe Easy ®, and Reishi Mushroom teas to alleviate symptoms during allergy season and Lemon Balm as support for sleep.

We appreciate the opportunity to spotlight how plants can support wellness and how drinking tea can become a part of a daily self-care routine.  

This media segment resulted from personalized tea tastings that took place in New York City at our Showfields tea apothecary with our Principal Scientist and Chief Formulation Officer Guido Mase. Mase met with 12 registered dietitians, who completed a health assessment prior to the meeting.

Mase then handpicked teas that would support the wellness needs of each individual, and talked about the power of plants and how we can incorporate more plants into our lives with purpose. 

We look forward to inspiring and engaging more experts in their field to share how botanical wellness can become more integrated into our lives. 

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