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Prepare for Labor with Pregnancy Tea

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Organic Pregnancy Tea Brewing in Cup
Updated on June 15, 2016

Nine months of blind commitment, to fear, joy, nausea, and ultimately—to life. Pregnancy can stir up a full spectrum of emotions, but it culminates into one of the most beautiful and sacred representations of the human experience. Whether you are an accomplished or first-time mother, each pregnancy is unique. It’s not uncommon for pregnant moms to live in communion with nature’s cycles, become more engaged in their healthcare, and to nourish the body with seasonal foods. Herbalism has long held healthy rituals for the womb, such as a soothing and nourishing cup of herbal tea.

Finding herbs to nourish and tonify during pregnancy can be confusing and overwhelming. Many internet blogs scare families away from herbs, despite the fact that certain plants have been used during pregnancy and breastfeeding for thousands of years. Our herbalists formulated our Pregnancy Tea by corroborating traditional herbal wisdom with scientific research. The herbs in this blend are carefully chosen to support the baby’s first home, a mother’s womb. One of our favorite herbs in our Pregnancy Tea is raspberry leaf, referred to as a partus preparator in Latin, or “delivery preparer.” Women have been using this wild bramble for over 3,000 years for a variety of different medicinal purposes, especially for its ability to tone the uterus and prepare the womb for childbirth.* And raspberry leaves aren’t just for humans; some farmers even use them for their lady goats who are expecting!

Pregnant Woman Holding Cup of Organic Pregnancy Tea

Stinging nettle works hand-in-hand with raspberry leaf in our formula. While some fear this feisty green’s powerful sting, this traditional pregnancy tonic makes a sting-free tea that nourishes the whole body.* Herbalists like Rosemary Gladstar and Susun Weed have touted this plant’s uses for decades, most memorably in their popular books Herbal Healing for Women and Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year. Our herbalists added spearmint and fennel to the blend, making it mildly sweet and supportive to the digestive system.*

Like herbs steeping in a strong tincture that need time to reach their full potential, so too is a child in a mother’s womb. As an expectant mother, you are part of a great legacy passed down since the dawn of time. Herbs like raspberry leaf and nettle can promote a healthy pregnancy, and have been used by midwives and doulas for thousands of years.* If you do feel called to enjoy our Pregnancy Tea, you can rest assured that it is packed full of certified organic herbs, making it nourishing to one of the greatest mothers—our planet.

Organic Pregnancy Tea Brewing in Cup Surrounded by Herb Leaves

If you’re pregnant, you’re probably up to your ears in unsolicited advice. Our intention is to share the herbal wisdom we’ve learned along the way. The intuition of a mother is ultimately your greatest guide when deciding what is best for you and your baby, but we always recommend speaking with an herbalist, midwife, doula or healthcare practitioner to decide which herbs and supplements are best for you.

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