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Heart-warming even on ice

Tap into the herbal magic of this tropical flower. Not only is hibiscus tart and sassy, but it also delivers cardiovascular support.*


Refresh and uplift

Cool down with our unique green tea formula to soothe the belly and refresh the palate with an undeniably minty lift.*


Detox naturally

Experience the bittersweet power of dandelion, traditionally used by herbalists to get the digestive juices flowing and support healthy digestion.* A great everyday tea that coffee-drinkers will love!


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Get To Know Pharmacopoeial

We go the extra mile to ensure that the high-quality herbs we’re using have the “right stuff.”


Plant Power for Every Day

Learn how drinking herbal teas can support your health and infuse a feeling of wellness to your days.


Quality Difference

Formulated by herbalists, sourced responsibly by sustainability experts, and tested for quality by scientists.

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