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Throat Coat®

  • Personality
    Smooth and silky.

    Herbal Power
    Helps you sing it loud, say it proud, stand up and be heard.

    Reason to Love
    Slippery elm or Ulmus rubra (Latin for “red elm,” so called for its lovely reddish bark) is a beautiful, native North American elm tree. It’s the inner bark of this tree that is actually called “slippery elm” due to its, yes, slippery, smooth, and slimy-in-a-good-way properties. Combined with licorice and marshmallow root, we think this tea blend is like taking your voice to the spa—because we all need a little comfort sometimes so we can get back to being our best.

    Sweet and earthy, silky, with a distinct licorice taste.

  • Pour 8 oz. freshly boiled water over 1 tea bag.

    Cover cup & Steep for 10-15 minutes.

    Squeeze tea bag to ensure maximum goodness in your cup.

    Enjoy 4-6 cups daily. Especially good with honey!

  • One of the primary sources of wild slippery elm bark (an ingredient in this tea) is in Eastern Kentucky. We are honored to partner with rural Appalachian families there who approach their bark collection with a deep reverence for the trees and plants of these hilly forests. Carefully harvesting limited and sustainable amounts of the bark by hand, they are maintaining the health of the trees, and preserving this precious resource for generations to come.

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