Meet our new products!

At Traditional Medicinals, our herbalists are passionate about sharing the power of plants to support your health. We offer more than 50 high quality herbal teas and products spanning a variety of wellness categories – from detox and digestion to relaxation, seasonal support, and more.

This season, we’re pleased to introduce nine new products to your cabinet! Featuring herbal powers like ginger, black tea, and eucalyptus (just to name a few), these products deliver the benefits you’ve come to expect from our ethically-sourced products.

Get to know them by exploring below and visit often for our latest releases.

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Lemon Ginger Tea

Add a little zing to your day with our new Lemon Ginger tea! Lemon ginger tea has been beloved by generations of herbalists for its soothing digestive properties and comforting taste.* Instead of using artificial or natural flavors, our unique blend features organic herbs such as lemongrass, lemon peel, and hibiscus to create a fresh, citrusy brew. Some of our favorite ginger comes from Indonesia, where it's cultivated in smaller varieties that have a bit more zing!

Sip Happy

Ginger Aid Tea

Soothe your belly sip by sip with our newly improved Ginger Aid®! Herbalists have celebrated ginger for millennia, thanks to fast-acting plant compounds which help calm digestive discomfort. We blend the spiciest ginger we can find with supportive herbs like turmeric and moringa for a tea that is perfect after a meal and an ideal travel companion when you’re on the go.*


Black Teas

Brighten up your day with our three new black teas! Our herbalists have created three energizing blends combining organic black tea with supportive and refreshing herbs. Our Assam Chai combines the best of Ayurveda and Western Herbalism pairing black tea with grounding tulsi and warming spices like cardamom and ginger. Darjeeling Lemon is a dynamic duo of black tea and lemon, creating a uniquely rich and bright taste that will give you sustained energy throughout the day. And our Darjeeling Rose Hips pairs black tea with velvety rose hips and aromatic spearmint, which makes for a balanced and refreshing tea that you can enjoy every day.*

Currently available online and at Whole Foods Market.


Throat Coat Lozenges

Our Throat Coat® family just got bigger! Introducing… Throat Coat lozenges, now available in 3 flavors. Eucalyptus Mint and Sweet Orange Fennel are formulated with organic menthol to soothe sore throats and coughs. Lemon Ginger Echinacea, formulated with pectin, puts the “coat” in Throat Coat and soothes sore throats. Now you can turn to these convenient and effective cough and throat drops to help you weather any storm.


Belly Comfort Lozenges

Relieve nausea & indigestion with our new Belly Comfort Lemon Ginger Lozenges! Herbalists have celebrated ginger for over 2,000 years, thanks to fast-acting plant compounds which help calm digestive discomfort. With the taste of sun-kissed lemons balanced with ginger spice, these lozenges are the perfect on-the-go companion when you need a little digestive support.*