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Look at you! Your plant personality is quite intriguing… and a little mysterious.

Your Plant Personality

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Easy-going and well liked, your calming presence puts others at ease. When troubled, you might hold nervous tension in your stomach.

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Your amazing blend of optimism and goodwill lends strength to those in need. You’re the one others always turn to for support.

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You have a kind nature and often find yourself taking care of others, but your tendency to hold things in can lead to disturbances.

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  • You Are: Easy-going, friendly and well liked, you’ve got a gentle and sweet nature and a calming presence that puts others at ease. Your sensitivity to others may cause you to take on too much of other people’s feelings, though, and you may even be prone to worry.

  • Calming chamomile holds the key to relaxation if your busy mind makes it difficult to unwind. Soft, sweet and gently soothing, chamomile works to restore a sense of peacefulness and ease, and can settle an upset stomach while relaxing a nervous mind.*

    The name “chamomile” comes from the Greek chamos (ground) and melos (apple), referring to its low growing habitat and the apple scent of its fresh blossoms. Its soothing properties can be attributed to the essential oil, which is an amazing blue color when extracted. Chamomile’s ability to soothe the digestive system and calm the nervous system make it an important plant in many of our relaxation and digestive formulas*

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  • You Are: A protector. With an amazing blend of optimism, nurturing and goodwill, you lend your strength and energy to those in need. Your seemingly infinite goodwill and boundless supportive energy make you the one people turn to when times are tough. Your greatest strength is, of course, also one of your weaknesses, especially if you neglect to take care of yourself. At times like these, it’s a good idea to take a step back and focus some of that protective energy on yourself.

  • A bold flower with a tough stalk and tenacious roots, echinacea is as strong as it is beautiful. This pretty, hardy plant brings that same quiet strength to the herbal world, earning it a reputation as a wonderful ally for the immune system*. While you’re giving yourself some extra love and attention, echinacea can offer added support.

    One of echinacea’s distinguishing characteristics is the presence of alkylamides, which are partly responsible for its capacity to stimulate the immune system.* You’ll know that you’ve discovered truly high quality and echinacea when you feel a slight tingling on your tongue after tasting it. Native to the Americas, echinacea was introduced to European settlers by Native Americans, who had used it for centuries, and became popular with American doctors in the early 1900s.

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  • You Are: You’re quiet, sometimes shy, with a tendency to be reserved. You have a humble, kind nature and often find yourself taking care of others. You can be known to hold things in, and you don’t always speak up for yourself. This tendency to hold things in can lead to disturbances.

  • Fennel is soothing and supportive, helping to ease digestive upset*. For feelings of fullness and bloating, fennel is the friend to call on to help.*

    Sweet and mildly bitter, with a distinct licorice-like taste, fennel was revered by the ancients for its charming properties. Attributed with the power to bestow long life, courage, strength and even to ward off evil spirits, we modern plant people highly regard fennel for its capacity to ease uncomfortable feelings of fullness, bloating or gassiness, or as an all-around promoter of healthy digestion.*

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