Introducing Hemp+Herb

This innovative line of teas is specifically formulated to support Mental Focus, Joint Health, and Stress Relief. Each formula is supported by a combination of expertly-selected medicinal herbs and the power of 20mg of broad spectrum hemp extract to deliver a hearty dose of plant power into each and every cup.

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Why Choose Hemp+Herb?

Our new line of Hemp+Herb bagged teas combine the power of medicinal herbs with broad spectrum hemp extract that work to deliver specific wellness benefits.

With over 45 years of experience in formulating herbal remedies, our herbs are organic and ethically sourced, high quality and often medicinal grade to deliver therapeutic effects. You can feel confident that our teas will deliver wellness benefits in each and every cup.

Each of our tea bags contains 20mg of water-dispersible broad spectrum hemp extract.

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Organically Grown Industrial Hemp

Our hemp extract is from organic hemp that was grown in Europe with EU seed bank certified strains with a long history of human use.

Unique IP Extraction Process

Our hemp extract is created by a clean CO2 extraction process without the use of petroleum solvents.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

We evaluated over 50 suppliers in over a year-long process to identify a broad spectrum hemp extract that met our high quality herbal medicinals standards.

Water-Dispersible Hemp Extract

Our proprietary process ensures that our hemp extract is water-dispersible through the tea bag and into your cup.

Synergy of Medicinal Herbs and Hemp

We combined hemp extract from raw organic hemp with our ethically-sourced, high-quality herbs to create three wellness teas to support joint health, stress relief, and mental focus.

20mg Hemp Extract in Each Tea Bag

Our herbal formulation expertise ensures that our teas are both delicious and beneficial. Our new hemp infused teas are no exception.

What is Broad Spectrum Hemp?

Traditional Medicinals uses a broad spectrum hemp extract for our teas because it is made from the aerial parts of the hemp plant and not isolates. This preserves as much of the plant material and naturally occurring constituents as possible.

Your Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Each tea bag contains 20mg of broad spectrum hemp extract.

Harnessing Traditional Medicinals’ expertise in therapeutic herbal teas, our medicinal herbs were selected to support specific wellness benefits. For instance, Meadowsweet in our Joint Relief formula supports your body’s response to inflammation related to exercise and joint health; Chamomile & Skullcap in our Stress Relief formula helps to facilitate coping with occasional stress; and Eleuthero root in our Mental Focus formula helps support mental focus.*

Since oil and water don’t mix, an oil-based hemp extract would not infuse in hot water. In order to ensure that the hemp and its constituent parts actually make it into your cup of hemp tea, we’ve developed a proprietary process which makes our hemp extract dispersible in hot water.

This means that our extract is made from the aerial parts of the hemp plant and not isolates. This preserves as much of the plant material and naturally occurring constituents as possible to create a healthy and balanced hemp tea.

Hemp+Herb tea is hemp tea and not cbd tea. Each tea bag contains 20mg of organically grown broad spectrum hemp extract combined with our expertly-selected, medicinal herbs to create three wellness formulas including joint health tea, stress relief tea, and mental focus tea.

We currently offer three varieties of Hemp+Herb tea including a formula for joint health tea, a formula for stress relief tea, and a formula for mental focus tea.

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