About Hemp+Herb

With wellness and taste in mind, our team of herbalists have developed a proprietary process to ensure the compounds we were seeking would be dispersible in water and make it through your tea bag and into your cup. Keep reading to learn more.

Organically Grown Industrial Hemp

Our hemp extract is made from hemp that was organically grown in Europe with EU seed bank certified strains with a long history of human use.

Unique IP Extraction Process

Our hemp extract is created by a clean CO2 extraction process without the use of petroleum solvents.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

We evaluated over 50 suppliers in over a year-long process to identify a broad spectrum hemp extract that met our high quality standards.

Water-Dispersible Hemp Extract

Our proprietary process ensures that our hemp extract is water-dispersible through the tea bag and into your cup.

Synergy of Medicinal Herbs and Hemp

We combined hemp extract with our ethically-sourced, high-quality herbs to create three wellness teas to support joint health, stress relief, and mental focus.

20mg Hemp Extract in Each Tea Bag

Our herbal formulation expertise ensures that our teas are both delicious and beneficial.