Maintenance Shift Technician – ID 286

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Department: Maintenance & Engineering
Reports To: Maintenance Supervisor


The maintenance shift technician is a shift role/job. The main purpose of the Maintenance Shift technician is to support production efforts in managing the targeted run rate of IMA room and the related downstream equipment. Continuous improvement and preventative maintenance will be secondary responsibilities.


  • Executes all unplanned/corrective jobs safely and on time in full.
  • Executes all unplanned/corrective jobs on time in full with the required quality.
  • Runs Technical Support Checks And Operations (E.G. Vibration Monitoring, Pressure Checks, Blow Downs, Lubrication Checks, Etc.).
  • Recovers Equipment From Fault Conditions Into Standard Condition
  • Supports Clean, Inspect, Lubricate, Tighten execution
  • Conducts Tagging if required or appropriate.
  • Spots and rectifies performance issues of equipment during walk around
  • Executes Planned Maintenance Work That Can Be Interrupted
  • Attends Maintenance/Production shift handover meeting.
  • Assists operators at fine tuning and adjustment of machines (change over).
  • Hands over equipment after repairs to operator; places tag for follow up work order.
  • Executes Lock out Tag Out procedures.
  • Executes repairs not able to be done by operators; informs Shift Supervisor if > 15 minute stop.
  • Uses ‘dead time’ as instruction time (own skills or operators).
  • Reports to the Lead shift technician while on shift.
  • Communicates and cooperates with operations before, during and after repairs.
  • Is regularly trained by the Lead shift technician in troubleshooting of frequent failures.
  • Applies structured fault finding procedures; collect spare parts,
  • Participates in Root cause analysis (5 why).
  • Performs or executes 5S in Maintenance work areas.
  • Registers break down work orders in CMMS. Defines follow-up work.

Job Requirements:

  • Very good technical machine knowledge
  • Knowledgeable in process automation control.
  • Experienced in working with low voltage control systems.
  • Fluent in LOTO skills and activities.
  • 5 years working experience within maintenance.
  • Excellent trouble-shooting skills.
  • Experienced in working in a Food/Beverage manufacturing facility.
  • Basic computer skills

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