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Traditional Medicinals: Plant Power for Winter Wellness

Winter is the time to slow down and retreat within ourselves. The days get shorter, we tend to sleep more, and we find ourselves gravitating towards heartier foods. However much we’d like to hibernate, winter is also the season of holidays, overextending ourselves, indulging in sweets and having lots of family time—for better or worse! Traditional Medicinals’ herbalist Zoe Kissam explains, “Winter wellness is a holistic approach to staying balanced during the coldest season of the year. Whether you’re feeling under the weather, you’ve overindulged at the Thanksgiving table, or your in-laws are driving you crazy, an herbal winter wellness regime should go beyond immune support to also include digestive support and stress management.”

Meet Our Herbalist: Zoe Kissam

Zoe Kissam, Traditional Medicinals Herbalist

“People have imbalances and plants have energy. Herbalism is about building an arsenal of herbal allies for each individual based on their imbalances, needs and where they could most benefit from the plants.”

Sonoma County native Zoe Kissam first started incorporating herbs into her wellness regime when she was a teenager, and her fascination grew while later working at a health foods store. Inspired to live a holistic lifestyle, Zoe began soaking up plant knowledge, but still longed to understand more about plants in their natural environment. To make that point of connection, she enrolled in the California School of Herbal Studies (CSHS), earning her certification in herbalism in 2003 and her clinical certification in 2004. Zoe has graced us with her expertise here at Traditional Medicinals (TM) for 10 years and counting.

Zoe’s herbal “aha” moment occurred when she first visited CSHS. “From the moment I arrived at the school, I could feel the sacredness of the place. I believe that plants have something to tell us, provided we’re willing to listen. On my long herbal journey, I often get signs from plants that I’m in the right place, doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Watching the plants bursting with life on the hillsides that day, I realized my plant allies were confirming my decision to attend herb school.”

As TM’s Marketing Manager of Innovation, Zoe taps into her consumer-focused background, while also offering the company a depth of herbal experience necessary to bring new teas to our fans. To stay healthy during the company’s busiest time of the year—coincidentally during fall and winter—Zoe stocks her herbal arsenal with herbs like echinacea and astragalus to support her immune system; ginger, peppermint and dandelion root to combat holiday overindulgences; and chamomile, lavender, and lemon balm to help relieve stress.

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