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Traditional Medicinals: Plant Power for Relaxation

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The definition of relaxation can depend on who you’re talking to. Here at Traditional Medicinals, it’s about being at a state of ease. Whether you’re sitting in a chair or out shopping, your state of relaxation depends on how your holistic self relates to what you’re doing.

Herbalism aims to address the needs of the whole individual, rather than just a given condition. That’s why, when formulating our relaxation teas, our herbalists focus on the nerves as well as the gut. Our chief formulator, Medical Herbalist David Hoffmann explains, “We start by considering the digestive system because that’s where the herbs land first. If your body can digest the herbs, our formulas are then ready to support the nerves. But ‘getting relaxed’ should also include taking care of your consciousness, your emotions, your physical body, and your diet.”

Meet Our Herbalist: David Hoffmann

David Hoffmann, Traditional Medicinals Herbalist

“Our formulas are based on a marriage of science, tradition, and a lifetime of clinical observation.”

David is something of a celebrity in the world of herbalism and a gift to Traditional Medicinals (TM). This medical herbalist trained in his native Great Britain, practiced in his own clinic for 25 years, taught alongside TM cofounder and herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, and has written 14 herbal medicine textbooks that have been translated into nine languages. David still teaches today at the California School of Herbal Studies, and many of our herbalists have trained under him. We have been lucky to call him part of the team here for 13 years and counting.

David came to herbalism almost by accident. While studying ecology, he fell ill and was encouraged by friends to drink herbal tea. “I wasn’t interested in that hippy nonsense,” he explained, “but I had a sudden realization that instead of me being the green ecologist saving the world, the world was saving me. It opened my mind and body to herbalism, and from then on my life changed.”

As TM’s herbal formulator, David has been able to help us bring medical herbalism into the context of everyday life with soothing, delicious herbal tea blends. To stay relaxed while juggling his busy schedule of teaching, writing and formulating, David looks to herbs like skullcap to ease his stress without slowing him down, lemon balm for its gentle relaxing abilities and digestive support, and valerian for occasional sleeplessness*.

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