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Summer Vacation Wellness Kit

Updated on September 1, 2020
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Summer vacation is a great time of the year to reset body, mind, and spirit. Whether you’re stepping out of your normal routines for an outdoor adventure, or stealing away for a restorative nap in the hammock, it’s a natural time to get back in touch with our bodies. That’s why when we pack up our bags for vacation, we always bring along our favorite herbs for travel. Given that summer vacation justifies its own must-have herbal remedies, we’ve put together this list to keep you comfortable, healthy, and happy when you’re far from home. Maybe you even have a few additions of your own…


Our recommendations for your Summer Vacation Wellness Kit

Roasted Dandelion Root Tea: If you’re away from home and your regular routine, the resilient power of dandelion can help! One of our best-selling teas, Roasted Dandelion Root helps to stimulate the liver and supports healthy digestion. Some think of dandelion as a common weed, but our herbalists know that its bitter taste stimulates digestion and supports your body’s natural detoxification process.* Whether you use it in the morning tea to start the day right, or drink it throughout the day, it’s a must for summer wellness.

Belly Comfort® Peppermint Tea: Is the food at the family reunion barbecue still talking to you hours after you ate it? Not to worry! This is when Belly Comfort comes in. This blend of classic digestive herbs—cool and refreshing peppermint, soothing fennel and spicy ginger—promotes healthy digestion while also alleviating digestive discomforts.*

Nighty Night® Extra Tea: If you’re like us, you probably love catching up on some sleep during vacation. But not every hotel, hostel or guest bed is as comfy as your own bed at home. Vacation is not the time for tossing and turning, so let a cup of Nighty Night Extra help you get the good night’s sleep you’ve been waiting for.* We have nothing against sheep, but counting them seems like a waste of time when there’s good rest to be had!

Smooth Move® Tea: We’ve all been there. Being far from home, your privacy, and your creature comforts can bind up your digestion into a knot. Couple that with a no-frills camping trip, and suddenly, your vacation can feel more like a burden than a pleasure. On that occasional occurrence of constipation, take this best-selling tea (now also available in convenient capsules) at bedtime to help relieve you by morning.*

Urban Moonshine’s Citrus Bitters: When you’re on the road and eating new foods, keeping your gut healthy is everything. Our sister company, Urban Moonshine, has built their reputation on the benefits of digestive bitters. Spritz them on your tongue before dinner to maximize digestion, or keep them in your purse to soothe gas and bloating when you’re on-the-go, or use them to season your end-of-the-day cocktail.* Indispensable!

Urban Moonshine’s Energy Tonic: If your summer is more powering on and playing hard rather than kicking back on a pool float, Urban Moonshine’s Energy Tonic can keep you going. This formula taps into the herbal power of two energizing adaptogenic herbs, rhodiola and eleuthero, to lend adrenal support and give you the stamina boost you need to take on the next summer activity, without any caffeine.*

DIY Lavender Calendula Coconut Salve: Summer isn’t summer without a few well-earned scrapes, cuts, bruises, mosquito bites, and dry skin from the pool. Soothe your skin naturally with this easy, do-it-yourself herbal remedy. Added bonus: it smells great, too!

DIY Peppermint Rose Water Mist: Refresh and tone your skin on hot summer days with this fast-acting, cooling mist. Keep a bottle handy in your beach or golf bag to refresh you when you start feeling flushed. Just make sure to keep your eyes closed when spraying!


Making herbs a part of your everyday wellness

Incorporating herbs into your summer routine is a great way to develop new, healthy habits. The simple act of drinking herbal iced tea, using digestive bitters more regularly, or making sure you prioritize your sleep can help reset your body and bring you to a healthy balance come fall.