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Seasonal Wellness Decision Tree

Cartons of tea in the Seasonal Line.

Feeling under the weather as the temperature is dropping? Herbs can help. We turn to plant allies like echinacea, elderberry, yarrow, and eucalyptus for extra support when we need it most—all of which are key players in our Seasonal Tea collection, and each for their own unique reasons.

Need to rev up your immune system in advance? Try our Echinacea Plus® or Echinacea Plus® Elderberry teas. Feeling raspy and scratchy? Soothe with our sweet and comforting Throat Coat® tea. Or, maybe you just need a breath of fresh air, that’s where bi yan pian and eucalyptus come in handy, featured in our Breathe Easy® tea. Guide yourself to the best herbal blends for you by using our Seasonal Wellness Decision Tree.

Echinacea Plus®: Mildly minty, with a twist of citrus. This tongue-tingling echinacea based tea will rev up your immune system.*

Echinacea Plus® Elderberry: Sweet and berry like, with mild bitter notes. Echinacea is widely known for its immune-boosting properties.*

Breathe Easy®: This herbal blend warms and engages the senses, with a bittersweet taste and hints of citrus. With the help of eucalyptus and Bi Yan Pian extract, you can catch a breath of fresh air.

Gypsy Cold Care®: Fragrant, minty, slightly sweet and spicy. This centuries-old European blend of elder, yarrow, and peppermint provides warmth and comfort when you need it most.

Throat Coat®: Sweet and earthy, with a distinct and soothing licorice taste. Our best-selling blend is a favorite of singers, actors, public speakers, and anyone who’s eager to give their throat some love.

Throat Coat® Lemon Echinacea: Sweet and lemony, with echinacea’s characteristic tongue-tingle. A great source of soothing relief, while also boosting your immune system.*

Seasonal Sampler: No need to choose when you can have it all! Prepare for winter with our entire Seasonal Collection, so you always have these beneficial herbs handy.

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