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A Peek Inside: Cup of Sunshine

Organic Cup of Sunshine tea steeping

There’s something just right about a tasty tea that promotes a good mood using traditional herbal knowledge handed down from ancient wisdom to modern day Rastafarians. Sceletium tortuosum—more affectionately known as kanna—is a low-growing herbaceous succulent that thrives in South Africa. Native tribes consider kanna sacred and have used it in healing rituals for generations. Its mood-lifting benefits make any day feel like a sunny afternoon at the beach*, which inspired us to sell it as a tea. Combined with sweet, sun-kissed notes of honeybush, Cup of Sunshine™ reassures you that every little thing’s gonna be alright.

Kanna’s Traditional Uses

Indigenous tribes of South Africa, like the San and Khoi people, have understood kanna’s herbal power for generations and have used it in healing rituals for hundreds of years. Sharing its name with the long-revered eland antelope, kanna has adopted an equally sacred meaning. Cape Town’s founder, the Dutch colonist Jan van Riebeeck, first recorded its traditional use after observing these hunter-gathering tribespeople fermenting and chewing on the plant to promote good mood, among other beneficial uses. Also known as kougoed, derived from the Afrikaans words “to chew stuff,” kanna earned a reputation as a medicinal desert plant.

Sourcing & Formulating Our Tea

Farmers today cultivate our kanna in the red sandy soil of Namibia’s Kalahari Desert and collectors also gather it from South Africa’s Western Cape Province, where this sacred succulent grows wild low to the ground and produces small, fleshy green leaves and thinly petaled flowers. Kanna thrives in arid to semi-arid desert climates, typically in quartz patches, and grows under shrubs in partial shade. Inspired by South Africa’s indigenous tribal communities, who work to protect ancestral herbal knowledge, we formulated Cup of Sunshine to combine the mood-lifting benefits of kanna with the delicious, sun-roasted sweetness of native honeybush, a plant long used in teas as a healthy beverage.* Given its rarity abroad, most Americans are still uninitiated to kanna’s benefits, but we are proud to share this uplifting plant with you, featured in this tasty tea.

Mellow, carefree, and optimistic, kanna is an herbal ally that will help you put a fresh perspective on a tough day. Taste what herbal sunshine is all about!

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