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Introducing Botanical Blends

Meet our new Botanical Blends teas! Formulated with flavor in mind, this new line of herbal teas combines sumptuous flavors like warming vanilla and citrusy blood orange with beneficial herbs, making daily self-care a pleasure for the palate and body.


Where Flavor Meets Function

Our new Botanical Blends Warming Vanilla and Blood Orange teas feature organic ingredients, real plants and nothing artificial to deliver the taste and wellness benefits you deserve.

Organic Botanical Blends Warming Vanilla tea – Slip into sweet relaxation with our new Warming Vanilla tea. Made with real vanilla beans, warming, comforting spices and paired with the stress-soothing herbal adaptogen, eleuthero, we’ve created a tea that reinforces the stress relieving ritual of enjoying a cup of tea with effective medicinal-grade herbs. Reach for it to maintain mental calm and a focused mind under stress. When taken daily, this tea can promote a healthy response to stress over time.* We enjoy a fresh brew as-is or add a milk of choice for a caffeine-free latte.

Organic Botanical Blends Blood Orange tea – Enjoy the perfect balance of sweet and tart in this bright, refreshing citrusy blend. Made with fresh ingredients like blood orange peel, hibiscus flowers and rose hips and combined with the belly-soothing herb meadowsweet, this blend was created to be your daily digestive support tea.* For the greatest benefits, start each day with a sunny dose in the morning or sip and savor after meals throughout your day.

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