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Herbs, Parents & Back-to-School Season

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When the last of summer’s long, endless days come to a close, and the briskness of fall fills the air, we know back-to-school season is upon us. As you and your family transition from summer’s fun-filled schedule, there’s also some relief in returning to the creature comforts and regular routines of home and school life. If you’re not currently making your wellness part of your kids’ school year planning, we recommend that you stock your pantry with herbal teas to keep you healthy during a busy time of year. By grounding yourself with healthy rituals, you’re in a much better position to be the foundational rock your family relies upon. That’s why we like to think of this time of year more as “back-to-home” season: back home to routines and back home to health.

As herbalists, we recommend thinking about your personal wellness holistically. Considering your digestion, stress management, sleep hygiene, and your immune health is paramount. Think you’re “just fine” like most coping parents? Ask yourself these questions and try to answer honestly:

  • With sports practice shuttling and meals on-the-go, what are you doing to promote healthy digestion for yourself?
  • When the cold hits and your children’s health is a rollercoaster, what are you doing to support your immune health?
  • What are you doing to manage in-the-moment stress? Sustained stress over periods of time?
  • Do you experience soreness from exercise or carrying kids? Are you doing anything to support your body’s response to inflammation associated with your active lifestyle?

Unless you’re a robot, chances are a little self-care is in order. Below are a few of our suggestions to keep you healthy during the back-to-school transition. During this season of transitions, we recommend getting yourself grounded by stocking these in your pantry to lift you up so you can better support them.**

Echinacea Plus®: When the cold weather sets in, and children are trapped together indoors, it won’t be long before someone will start feeling under the weather.* And if you aren’t practicing good self-care, you might be next! Echinacea is one of herbalism’s most heroic plants—a great herbal ally to take when you start feeling under the weather. Boost your immune system and keep your body healthy with this mildly minty and slightly citrusy tea.*

Ginger Aid®: As a parent on-the-go, healthy digestion is your best first line of defense against whatever comes your way. Our herbalists believe that good health starts in the gut, and ginger does wonders for keeping your tummy healthy. In addition to promoting healthy digestion, ginger also works against occasional nausea associated with motion and to help relieve expectant mothers from normal morning sickness.* If you have a cold day outside watching your child’s sporting events, ginger is also an herb that can warm you up from the inside out. Indispensable for the pantry!

Stress Ease® Cinnamon: Whether the kids have been fighting all day, you’re juggling carpool in rush hour traffic, or there’s a stack of bills waiting for you when the kids go to bed, the stress of parenthood can build up quickly. Relieve in-the-moment stress and irritability with the relaxing benefits of skullcap, the active ingredient in this warming, cinnamony tea—the perfect pre-bedtime wind-down for Mom and Dad.*

Tulsi with Ginger: Ayurvedic practitioners have long regarded tulsi as a sacred herb. Known as an adaptogen in herbalism, it can help your body better adapt to stress over long periods of time.* If you’re a parent or caretaker who has to go the distance, day after day, the protective power of tulsi can be a blessing. We recommend taking it regularly.*

Turmeric with Meadowsweet & Ginger: Anyone who has lifted kids in and out of a car seat one time too many can tell you that the minor aches and pains associated with strenuous physical activity can slow you down.  Get the support you need with the help of turmeric, meadowsweet and ginger—a trifecta of beneficial herbs that work to support the body’s natural response to inflammation associated with active lifestyle.* It also makes a great post-workout tea.

Parenthood can be one of the most gratifying roles we can play in life, but it is certainly one of the most fatiguing. By keeping yourself healthy, you’ll have the energy and vibrancy you need to better support the children in your life. By stocking a few staples like these teas in the pantry, you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Wishing you and your children wellness as you transition into the new school year!

**NOTE: Our teas are formulated for adult bodies and children 12 years and older. For guidance on using natural remedies, it may be helpful to consult an herbalist in conjunction with your child’s healthcare practitioner.

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