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Best Teas for Detox Support

While “detoxing” may appear to be a modern-day reaction to what seems like an increasingly toxic world, the truth is detoxification has been integral to ancient herbal traditions for centuries. In Ayurveda, periodic cleansing is an important practice to help reinvigorate the body’s innate intelligence. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, ancient healers used certain Chinese tonic herbs to help re-establish harmony within the body.

Like these early practitioners, we believe that our bodies are powerful and fundamentally self-regulating. Sometimes, they may just need a little help from the plants.

Because we each have different reasons to detox, we developed a variety of herbal teas that would gently support your body’s natural detoxification processes but are unique enough from one another to target a specific detoxification need.*

From skin health to liver love, there’s a blend that’s right for you.* Let our Detox Decision Tree help guide the way.

EveryDay Detox™ Schisandra Berry: Earthy, balanced and sweetened with licorice. Traditional Chinese healers have used Schisandra berries for over 2,000 years to promote healthy liver function.*

EveryDay Detox™ Lemon:  Bright, aromatic and lemony. This classic European blend of burdock root, cleavers and stinging nettle promotes healthy skin, liver and kidney function.*

EveryDay Detox™ Dandelion Slightly sweet with notes of peppermint. This tea provides balanced support of both your liver and kidneys to help your body reset and refresh.*

Nettle Leaf: Earthy, fresh and grassy. A traditional spring tonic known to support joint health and overall wellness.*

Dandelion Leaf and RootEnjoyably mild and sweet. This tea is traditionally used to support kidney function by promoting flushing of the kidneys.*

Roasted Dandelion Root:  Its pleasantly roasted, mildly bitter taste stimulates digestive juice and bile production that help break down rich foods and complex fibers.*

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