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A Peek Inside: Stress Ease Cinnamon

Does it feel like the world is spinning faster? It’s not, but we can relate. This modern age requires a lot from all of us, and it can be overwhelming. While proper boundaries and learning how to say “no” can help, sometimes a positive outlook is more realistic. This is where skullcap comes in, the main ingredient in our organic Stress Ease Cinnamon tea.

The name “skullcap” might sound off-putting, but it’s quite the opposite. Scutellaria lateriflora (a.k.a. skullcap) is actually one of the best herbs to relieve tension and stress and to promote relaxation.* This petite yet powerful perennial plant stands about one to two feet tall with delicate blue helmet-shaped flowers. This native of North America typically grows in bunches at the edge of a stream or moist meadow.

Scutellaria lateriflora appears in the first American Materia Medica, published in 1785, although it was used well before by Cherokees and other Native American tribes. Traditionally, it was used to promote women’s health and was sometimes used in ceremony.* Now, it is well-loved by herbalists worldwide and commonly used to relieve stress and irritability and to promote relaxation.* Taken regularly, skullcap can help to relax the body and the mind, restoring a sense of balance. In herbalism, skullcap is known as a nervine, an herb that calms nervous tension, and as a trophorestorative, an herb that over time supports and improves the function of a system of the body.

If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, turn to a calming herb like skullcap. As we now know, when stress goes untamed it can lead to far bigger problems—occasional gastrointestinal issues and periodic sleeplessness just to name a couple. While there is no miracle cure for stress, nervines like skullcap can help. We liken it to the feeling we get after a glass of wine and often refer to tea-time with this plant as “herbal happy hour.” Our organic Stress Ease Cinnamon tea will help you to unwind, but without the hangover!

Our herbalists have combined the leaves, stems, and flowers of skullcap with cinnamon bark and licorice root, which tastes sweet and feels grounding—an ideal combination to bring the body back to balance during stressful times. Some of our favorite skullcap comes from an idyllic farm in the Pacific Northwest. There, the herbs are cultivated with pristine glacial water, fresh mountain air, and caring hands that go the extra mile by farming organically. We take pride in creating this calming tea, as it is an effective traditional remedy that is currently uncommon to use.

When to-do lists get longer and life feels overwhelming, remember to step back and care for yourself. Take breaks when you need them. Drink Stress Ease tea, and consider adding some honey. When we take time for ourselves, we create space for personal growth and good health. And that is worth every minute.

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