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A Peek Inside: Healthy Cycle

Tea overwrap laying on raspberry leaves

Women have a deep, undeniable connection to the Earth. In many traditional cultures, the Earth is depicted as the great mother — Gaia for the ancient Greeks, Pachamama for the people of the Andes — a feminine entity that presides over all creation. Many of Earth’s cycles connect to places beyond our stratosphere, in some cases to the moon and back. The Latin word mensis, which means month, is the root word for month, moon, menstruation and the herbalism term menstruum.

Traditionally and still to this day, a women’s cycle was charted by the phases of the moon. This connection between a calendar month, the menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle is almost inseparable. Medicine-making is often charted by the moon as well. For example, a tincture extracts herbs by using alcohol, also called the menstruum, over the course of a lunar cycle, which is roughly a month’s time.

While elements in nature and our own personal lives are always changing, seasons and the phases of the moon keep cycling. Whether it is lack of sleep, extra stress or simply not eating right, irregularities can throw us off our natural rhythm. Sometimes we need something to get us back in sync. Herbs have coexisted with humans since the dawn of humanity, so it is no wonder they can help support us through cycles like these. We formulated our Healthy Cycle Tea to support your menstrual cycle,* or as some people call it your “moon time.”

This wholesome tea has a total of ten herbs in it, each with an array of different constituents that help to support and tonify the female body. The basis of the formulation is a traditional European pairing of raspberry leaf and nettle. The nettle in the blend works to nourish the body and is a traditional European tonic used to promote overall wellness.* Raspberry leaf is included to tone the uterus, ease menstrual cramping, and support healthy menstruation.*

We source many of our wild raspberry leaves in the Gorazde region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is full of rolling hills and meadows. The leaves are hand-picked by groups of collectors in the early summer, when the leaves are still young and fruits have yet to develop. We take great care in sourcing these high quality herbs to make sure our teas are effective. Our herbs are also pharmacopoeial grade, which means they can be counted on when you need herbal support.

This Healthy Cycle Tea is pleasantly herbal, with hints of citrus and mint. It’s a tasty and complex herbal blend meant to support you during all phases of your cycle. We hope you’ll enjoy this tea and remember the deep connection each of us has to the cycles of nature.

Posted in Tea & More on July 29, 2015