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A Peek Inside: Ginger Aid

In the realm of everyday aches and pains, there is little as uncomfortable as an upset stomach. Whether you’re feeling green around the gills on a winding road trip or you’ve overstuffed yourself to Thanksgiving standards, a stomach in knots can ruin your day. A hot, well-steeped cup of Ginger Aid® soothes both motion sickness and digestion, making this herbal formula the perfect addition to your herbal medicine cabinet. The warming properties of gingerols—ginger’s key compounds—have made ginger a common household cooking ingredient for 4,400 years and a wellness remedy for at least 2,000.

Our herbalists have formulated our organic Ginger Aid to get the digestive juices flowing and help prevent nausea associated with motion*, which makes it the ideal traveling companion. The secret to ginger’s soothing abilities lies in its gingerols and shogaols, which help digestion along by encouraging gentle muscle contractions in the digestive tract and calm spasms. We find that Ginger Aid’s peppery bite can awaken the palate nicely, as well.

We source the ginger for Ginger Aid primarily from India, where it thrives in a humid, tropical climate and produces a particularly spicy flavor profile. Ginger’s rhizome—or underground, horizontal root—sprouts the plant’s first shoots within two weeks of planting. Ginger’s long, lance-shaped leaves reach about 7 inches long, and the entire plant can eventually grow over a foot-and-a-half tall. Our organic farming partners harvest the rhizomes after about nine months, when ginger is at its peak, then cut and dry them for our teas. Blended with blackberry leaf and lemon myrtle for added zing, Ginger Aid is unequivocally the spiciest of our ginger teas. Those who prefer an earthier profile of ginger would love our organic Ginger tea. For a very mild ginger flavor, you may even consider our organic Ginger with Chamomile tea.

The next time you are considering taking a trip, we highly recommend taking along a few teabags of Ginger Aid with you. Not only will it help support your body’s digestion—always helpful when we’re away from home and our regular eating routines—but it will also relieve the nausea associated with motion sickness if taken 30 minutes before travel. Tap into ginger’s wonderful versatility!

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