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A Peek Inside: Cup of Calm

Cup of Calm steeping

Just the ritual of preparing a cup of tea – reaching for a well-used kettle, listening for the whistle as the water heats, smelling the herbs as you open the tea box, cupping your hands around a warm mug – can help smooth away the edges of the day. But it’s the herbs in our Cup of Calm tea that provide real relaxation rescue. In each bag of Cup of Calm, you’ll find an array of comforting herbs that work together to take you out of the hustle of the day and into a moment of peace.*

Known for its striking beauty and climbing vines, passionflower has been used by indigenous peoples for centuries as a gentle sedative. Though native to the tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas, some of our favorite passionflower is grown in a village in Italy by farmers who provide us with medicinal-grade blossoms blooming with stress-relieving benefits.*

Chamomile’s reputation for helping us to chill out goes back to ancient times. Egyptians revered the daisy-like flower, associating it with their sun god, Ra, and using the blossoms in religious ceremonies. Ancient Greek healers used chamomile to alleviate digestive discomfort, and the Anglo-Saxons of the Middle Ages considered it one of their nine sacred herbs, capable of warding off evil spirits. Today, chamomile is an herbal superstar, well-loved for its ability to soothe frayed nerves and quell queasiness.*

The sweet fragrance of lavender makes it one of the most distinctive and easily identifiable herbs. A hardy plant native to the Mediterranean region, lavender’s gently floral flavor and stress-relieving scent enhance everything from skin creams to shortbread cookies and lemonades (it’s a standard ingredient in many French recipes, particularly in the Provence region). Lavender’s use as a relaxation aid originated in ancient Rome, and as the Roman empire expanded throughout Europe and Asia, so did the use of this delicate flower as both a perfume and an herbal remedy. The scent of lavender invites us to breathe deeper, to slow down, and to connect to our senses. As a member of the mint family, lavender’s taste pairs well with other mints, which is why we’ve paired it with our bright peppermint in this tea.

While our feline friends find it rather stimulating, catnip (or catmint, as it is sometimes called) has been used to relieve restlessness for hundreds of years. Commonly used by Native American healers to treat irritability or sleeplessness, catnip was considered especially helpful for children due to its gentle nature. Our Cup of Calm contains just a nip of this herb, complementing the other peace-promoting plants in the tea.

Like any well-arranged bouquet, the herbs in our Cup of Calm tea are more than the sum of their parts – they provide a combination of calming characteristics that can help you take a time out from the stress of everyday life.*

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