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3 Herbal Black Teas with Benefits

Meet our new line of herbal black teas! Made the Traditional Medicinals way, these teas were created with your health and the planet in mind, featuring organic ingredients, Elephant-Friendly™ tea leaves, and herbs for additional wellness benefits.

These new products reaffirm our commitment to sourcing high-quality herbal ingredients from environments that benefit the ecosystems in which they grow. We joined forces with the Wildlife Certified Elephant Friendly™ program to source our black tea from plantations that meet high standards for the protection of elephant habitat and water. Every purchase of Certified Elephant Friendly™ tea supports tea farmers who meet Elephant Friendly™ standards, providing safe passage for endangered elephants.

“We want to ensure we’re delivering the very best in every cup, from the herbs we source to the tea’s impact in the world,” said Blair Kellison, CEO of Traditional Medicinals.

Each of these black teas are available with a variety of flavors and benefits including Darjeeling Lemon, Assam Chai, and Darjeeling Rose Hips. These energizing blends feature approximately 25-30 mg of naturally-occurring caffeine from black tea leaf in each tea bag.


Get to Know Each of Our Black Tea Blends

Organic Darjeeling Lemon – Black tea and lemon are a dynamic duo in this blend. When the tannic leaves of black tea pair with zesty citrus, they create a uniquely rich and bright taste. Our herbalists blended this Darjeeling tea with a touch of lemongrass, to create a harmonizing tea that will give you vibrant and sustained energy throughout the day.*

Organic Assam Chai – This herb-rich black tea blend combines the best of Ayurveda and Western Herbalism. We’ve added in grounding tulsi, along with warming and digestive supporting herbs like cardamom, cinnamon, roasted chicory root, and invigorating ginger.* We sustainably source our Assam black tea leaves from organic farms in the foothills of the Himalayas, so you get the very best in every cup.

Organic Darjeeling Rose Hips – Brighten up your day with a cup of Darjeeling black tea, paired with velvety rose hips and aromatic spearmint. Our herbalists blended this tea with flavorful and supportive herbs, which makes for a balanced and refreshing tea that you can enjoy every day. This energizing blend will give you the perfect amount of pep-in-your-step.*


The new black teas are available in three flavors in our tea shop at, and in store at Whole Foods.

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