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Plant Personality Quiz: Chamomile, Dandelion & Fennel

For anyone who has ever taken a personality test for their employers—Meyers-Briggs, anyone?—you know that you can often learn a lot from the results. Here at Traditional Medicinals, our team members take our Plant Personality Quiz and share their three-letter “type” with coworkers. While we designed it to be fun, it also offers interesting insight into the way you respond to the world around you. Answer the questions to find out what your plant personality combination is. Perhaps you are a CDF…

Chamomiles are easy-going, friendly and well-liked. You’ve got a gentle and sweet nature and a calming presence that puts others at ease. Your sensitivity to others may cause you to take on too much of others people’s feelings. And you may even be prone to worry.

Dandelions don’t give up easily and often thrive in situations others would find discouraging. You have an instinct to serve others and see yourself as most useful in times or places of crisis. But you may over-rely on your toughness and forget how sensitive you really are.

Fennels are quiet and sometimes shy, with a tendency to be reserved. You have a humble, kind nature and often find yourself taking care of others. You can be known to hold things in, and you don’t always speak up for yourself. This tendency to hold things in can lead to disturbances.

What plants do you most resemble? Take our Plant Personality Quiz to get in touch with your inner herb nerd!

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