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Plant Personality: Echinacea, Ginger & Peppermint

We can all tap into our plant communication skills. Sometimes it’s just a matter of taking the time to be outdoors and listen. Through being out in nature and spending time in the garden, we’re nurturing an ancestral tradition of communing with the plants. These activities surely enhanced early medicine peoples’ understanding of plant families, patterns and herbal medicine.

Our plant personality quiz is a fun way to reinvigorate your relationship with plants. After you take the quiz, consider finding one of the herbs and connect with it to learn its song and herbal medicine. You could create a materia medica on this plant to deepen your relationship or do a plant based meditation.

The quiz reveals a wide range of personality types. You might discover you’re a EGP (Echinacea, Ginger & Peppermint). Focusing on one herb a week gives you an opportunity to experience it in different ways and understand its herbal power. Sometimes just one herb can do the trick, and doing a repetitive dosing of one plant can help deepen your connection to it. As the late Herbalist Dr. Christopher would say, “It’s better to know one herb well than a smattering of many.”

Echinaceas have an amazing blend of optimism, nurturing and goodwill, you lend your strength and energy to those in need. Your seemingly infinite goodwill and boundless supportive energy make you the one people turn to when times are tough. Your greatest strength is, of course, also one of your weaknesses, especially if you neglect to take care of yourself. At times like these, it’s a good idea to take a step back and focus some of that protective energy on yourself.

Gingers are feisty and fiery, quick with an opinion, a laugh or an idea. Warm, friendly and inviting, you never allow an awkward moment to pass. In fact, even cold and distant people warm up to you more quickly than others. Negative experiences or too much indulgence, however, can send you into a bit of a tailspin, and when hurt you may become quite cold and distant. Ginger people do best when their natural warmth and affection is flowing freely, giving them easy access to their love of life.

Peppermints are cool in the crisis, calm in the storm, collected amongst the chaos. You’re a breath of fresh air, a waft of inspiration to the down-and-out, a refreshing, inspiring, uplifting person to be around. Of course, even a cool cucumber like yourself can run into trouble. You may try to take on too much, which can leave you feeling weighed down and not quite yourself.

To get more in touch with your herbal allies, check out the Plants section of Plant Power Journal.

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