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Plant Personality: Echinacea, Fennel & Peppermint

The patterns, colors and relationships found in nature call out for our attention. Plants inspire us to make herbal formulas, learn more about herbalism and to take more time to enjoy the great outdoors. During hikes or days spent in the garden, it’s easy to feel as if plants have a personality of their own and to connect on a personal level. For instance, echinacea’s sturdy frame reminds us to stay strong and supportive. Licorice reminds us of the sweetness of life.

We’ve created the Plant Personality Quiz as a fun way to explore the plants most like you. Taking the quiz will reveal your 3 letter plant personality. Perhaps you are an EFP:

Echinacea: Your amazing blend of optimism and goodwill lends strength to those in need. You’re the one others always turn to for support.

Fennel: You have a kind nature and often find yourself taking care of others, but your tendency to hold things in can lead to disturbances.

Peppermint: You’re always cool in a crisis, but sometimes you might have a tendency to bite off more than you can chew, causing you to feel not quite yourself.

What plants do you resonate with most? Take our Plant Personality Quiz to get in touch with your inner herb nerd!

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