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Plant Personality: Dandelion, Echinacea & Peppermint

We believe each plant has a unique personality. Who can forget Nettle’s fiery sting or the hug-like sensation felt from a warm cup of ginger tea? Often, we feel their presence in the garden, vines eagerly climbing over our fences and sunflowers blooming towards our path. Plants are like our friends, whether they‘re gentle, fiery or quirky – we love them for who they are!

We have created the Plant Personality Quiz as a fun way to explore the plants most like you. Whether you’re a weed, beautiful flower or even bark, you are most loved for who you are on the inside.

What does dandelion say about you? Dandelions don’t give up easy, and they thrive in situations most would find discouraging. Take note, though, that sometimes you over-rely on your tough side and forget how sensitive you really are.

What does echinacea say about you? You’re a protector with an amazing blend of optimism, nurturing capacity and goodwill. So supportive and energetic, sometimes you can forget to take care of yourself.

What does peppermint say about you? You’re cool in a crisis, an inspiration and refreshing to be around. The cool-as-a-cucumber attitude can some times get you into trouble by taking on too much responsibility.

What plants do you resonate with most? Take our Plant Personality Quiz to get in touch with your inner herb nerd!

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