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Plant Personality: Chamomile, Passionflower & Peppermint

Whether you’re enjoying a lazy summer day in your backyard or taking a hike in the woods, plant medicines will probably cross your path. We often carry along a plant guide book so we can learn about new plants whenever the opportunity arises. You can identify plants by their leaves, flowers, roots and other unique features.

Though plants can’t speak our language, we do feel like they can communicate. Through our engagement with plants, we were inspired to create this fun Plant Personality Quiz. You can take our quiz to find out your three-letter plant personality. Perhaps you are a CPP — chamomile, passionflower and peppermint.

Chamomiles are easy-going, friendly and well-liked. You’ve got a gentle and sweet nature and a calming presence that puts others at ease. Your sensitivity to others may cause you to take on too much of others people’s feelings. And you may even be prone to worry.

Passionflowers are deeply concerned about others and the world around them. You have a developed sense of what’s right and just. You’re a bit of an idealist and strive to see your vision of perfection realized in the world. On occasion, you get out of balance, and you may feel a deep sense of unease and be prone to worry — especially at night, tossing and turning over all that’s wrong or needs fixing.

Peppermints are cool in a crisis, inspirational and refreshing to be around. The cool-as-a-cucumber attitude can sometimes get you into trouble by taking on too much responsibility.

Have any of these herbs been calling you to use them lately? Perhaps they’re part of your Plant Personality. Take our quiz to find out!

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