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11 Plants for Wellness

Those after-dinner mints at the next wedding reception you attend have a story to tell. They’re modern day descendants of the peppermint plant, also known as Mentha x piperita. In the past, it was widely known that peppermint aided digestion. When did people start using manufactured products more than home remedies? It wasn’t that long ago. Most of our great-grandparents relied almost entirely on plant allies for wellness.

Some people, thankfully, never forgot the power of the plants. In 1974, Traditional Medicinals was founded with a goal to pass along centuries-old herbal wisdom and a vision for the rebirth of herbalism in North America. Forty years later, we are still passionate about connecting people with plants through high quality teas formulated by herbalists

Here are 11 plants we love, all of which are easy to use at home to support health and wellness.

Feeling like an herb nerd yet? Take our quiz to find out your plant personality.

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