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Printable Plant Symbolism Cards

Plants offer countless ways to support us through all kinds of changes, whether it’s a brand new stage of life or even just a seasonal change. Change offers us opportunities to reset our intentions, motivate us to do something we’ve always wanted to do, or to help us separate from what’s no longer serving us. We’ve created these plant symbolism cards to help bring you positive energy, whether you want to hang them on your walls at home or inside your office cubicle, or to share with those you love. Download the full deck here!

These cards are inspired by Kate Greenaway’s 19th-century illustrated book, Language of Flowers, which identifies more than a hundred plants and their symbolic meanings. While this is mostly just fun, we truly feel plants work on an emotional level. We’ve also included a bit about the folklore and medicinal uses of each plant. Acacia represents friendship, agrimony for gratitude, angelica for inspiration, hawthorn for hope and parsley for festivity.

While we’ve only made five cards, there are so many plants in this historical text to choose from. We invite you to get creative and make more based on the energy you’d like to call in. To learn more about herbal medicine and the traditional uses of plants, check out the Plants section of Plant Power Journal.

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