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Senna, Water & Women: How The Revive! Project® is Changing Lives

Rajasthan, India is one of the driest places on earth, where temperatures in the Thar Desert can reach as high as 122°F. Local farmers must therefore rely upon drought-resistant, native plants like senna—an active ingredient in our Smooth Move® teas—for their livelihoods. While senna may be drought-tolerant, impoverished villagers suffer deeply from the lack of water—particularly women and girls, who are forced to walk miles every day in search of community ponds to quench the thirst of their families, crops, and livestock. Physically and emotionally exhausted from carrying heavy pots of water on their heads, they must also suffer the threats of female infanticide, poverty, child marriages, widespread illiteracy, and a life in veiled confinement.

After witnessing these conditions, we began imagining a different future for these women and their families. In 2009, along with our partners—Traditional Medicinals Foundation, WomenServe, Martin Bauer and Umalaxmi—we launched the Revive Project, the largest social development program in an herb sourcing community. To date, the project’s initiatives have benefitted six communities, with some 12,000 villagers. Together, we have desilted and expanded six large community ponds, dug and rebuilt 145 agricultural rainwater catchment systems and constructed 365 underground rainwater catchments, called taankas, for families in need.

With access to water, entire communities are transforming, and women are the program’s greatest beneficiaries. Free of the burden of transporting water and free of the anxiety of providing water for their families, they are becoming empowered village leaders, and their girls are now attending school. Some might think of our work as “giving back.” We call it social business. The only way our company can prosper is when all of the parties who contribute to our business prosper, too.

Watch the two-minute video to learn more about how water is transforming lives. You can also visit WomenServe to make a donation or see Traditional Medicinals Foundation to find out about the other social development projects we fund in our sourcing communities.

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