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Ginger Aid®

Single Serve Cups

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Spicy and soothing.

Herbal Power
Gets the digestive juices flowing, relieves occasional indigestion and prevents nausea associated with motion.*

Reason to Love
If you’re a fan of the spice, or just dig ginger’s digestive soothing properties,* you’re going to love this robust herbal blend. With plenty of zesty ginger, combined with mellow blackberry leaf and lemon myrtle leaf, this tea is great to drink before meals to warm up your digestive system. It’s also good after dinner to promote healthy digestion* – especially if you’ve over indulged.

Characteristically spicy ginger, slightly sweet and lemony.

What’s in your cup?

Used in China for at least two thousand years, most cultures around the Used in China for at least two thousand years, most cultures around the world have acquired fond feelings for ginger—both for its taste and for its soothing properties.*

Even mom’s folklore has it that ginger ale is good for an upset stomach. The organic ginger in this tea contains important constituents responsible for promoting good digestion and relieving nausea.*

Supplement Facts How To Brew
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How to Brew

Brew using 8 oz. setting. If your machine has temperature options, select the hottest setting.

Enjoy 2-3 cups per day, especially good to drink before or after meals.

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