Deeply rooted

Sustained and inspired by traditional wisdom.

The wisdom of Traditional Herbal Medicine has been helping people for centuries. For us, it’s very important to pass that ancient knowledge along. Our formulations are an important way we do this. Our teas are created according to various traditional systems of herbal medicine (which one depends on what kind of tea we’re looking to blend) with complex rules of compatibility and combination theory. Whenever we develop a new herbal tea, we consider what traditional formulas are presently being used within the various systems of Traditional Herbal Medicine. Each system has its own rationale for herb formulations, but there are similar general principles among all systems.

For example, our best-selling Smooth Move® tea is formulated according to the principles of Traditional European Herbal Medicine. It uses rules of compatibility and organizing principles for teas to define a hierarchy of ingredients. The hierarchies include the Basic Remedy, in which one to five herbs address the condition, along with supporting herbs added to compliment the Basic Remedy or to reduce undesirable effects. A small amount of taste herbs, or corrigents, are used to make the tea taste good. Senna leaf, a laxative, is the Basic Remedy in Smooth Move with licorice, fennel, cinnamon, coriander and ginger added as supporting herbs to alleviate cramping. Sweet orange peel and its essential oil are added for taste.

Our herbal experts are some of the most highly trained and respected professionals in their field. Among them are folk herbalists, chemists, an ethnobotanist, a sustainability expert, teachers and practitioners, to name a few. They take great pride in creating original formulas to highlight quality, efficacy and purity.